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'Pesky Squirrel' makes a debut in his first ever YouTube skit!

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Even during our busiest season of the year, crotchgear still has the time to work with others to put out great content. Such is the case with this new YouTube video. 

'Pesky Squirrel' Featured In His First YouTube Special

True indeed! YouTube star Esai Saenz is credited as being the very first YouTuber to feature crotchgear products in a video skit. 

In Esai's hilarious video, 'Pesky Squirrel' gets him in trouble in various situations with girls, cops, and more. 

You won't want to miss this great video. Click the link below to view it (warning: profanity is used throughout. NSFW).


Pssst. There may or may not be a special discount code in the video. You'll just have to check it out to see. 

NinjaMomBlog Features Us

Nicole Leigh Shaw from NinjaMomBlog gave us a great write up this past week. Read her explanation on why crotchgear makes a great White Elephant gift and learn a lot about Christopher Columbus in the process!


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