send us your holiday photos and win THREE PAIRS of CG SWEATS! – crotchgear

send us your holiday photos and win THREE PAIRS of CG SWEATS!

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Merry Crotchmas CGNation!

Boy, what a fantastic day! So many outstanding crotches will be adorned in crotchgear fashion today! But please, don't let the mothership feel left out in the cold.... we want to see the holiday cheer being spread across the globe too. 

So....let's make a deal! Post at least one photo of you or a loved one wearing  crotchgear sweatpants on our Facebook Timeline, and you will ENTER A CHANCE TO WIN THREE FREE PAIRS OF CROTCHGEAR SWEATPANTS (you pick the designs and sizes). That's what we call a CROTCH MEGA PACK!!!  We will select the winner at random but funnier photos will yield a better the chance of winning...jus' sayin'. We will select the winner on Thursday night, December 26 (and announce it on our Facebook page, so make sure you 'like' us because we won't announce the winner here). 

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Ho Ho Ho's,

The crotchgear team

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