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Two new designs for the new year and Valentines Day savings!

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Ok...we realize we're a bit late to the New Year party. The team here has been heavy binging on cake and ice cream at the conclusion of another busy holiday season. Thanks to new and old customers alike for such a successful 2013. Now, bring on 2014!!! 

New Low Prices 

We have temporarily lowered the price on a couple of our popular holiday designs. Get them during the non-holiday season at a price so low, you'll be banned from the North Pole:

1. 'The Nutcracker' (now only $24.99)
2. 'Holiday Diet Pants' (now only $19.99)

Special Discount for Our Valentines

Calling all love birds with a sense of humor. V-Day is just a month away, and crotchgear has the perfect gift for that special someone. To illuminate the occasion, use the code 'valentine' on any order $24.99 and over from now until February 5 and get $5 off of your order. Nothing tells your loved one you care like the gift of total crotch expression. 

We've Been In the News A Lot Lately

What does,, and the Fill Werrell Facebook page all have in common?: they've all featured crotchgear within the last month. It's been a very exciting month for crotch-publicity, including making the front page of's humor subreddit. You can check out all the new stories here.  

Brand New Designs

We're starting the new year off on a high note with two new sweatpants designs.

Check them out here: 

1. 'Nutrition Facts'
2. 'Ode to Texas'

Also, we've had tons of requests for an official crotchgear t-shirt. We're seriously flattered so many people want to be walking billboards for us ;). Check out the brand new crotchgear tees here

Salutations for 2014!

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