FOUR of you that open this are going to win FREE pairs of our sweatpan – crotchgear

FOUR of you that open this are going to win FREE pairs of our sweatpants...

Greetings CGNation!

The subject line of this 'Behind the Threads' is 100% true! Well, let's just get into the FREE stuff, shall we? 

A Better 'Behind the Threads'

What more can we say? We really just want to cater to you guys (can you blame us, you guys RAWKKK). Instead of just another email in your inbox, we want to be the kind of email you look forward to receiving. But this is going to require getting into your head and learning WHAT MAKES YOU RANDY BABY?! So what we have is a simple one question survey asking you what you would like to see in future BTTs. We're talking roughly thirty seconds to one minute of your time, folks. 

Once you submit your answer along with your name and email address, we will enter you into a random drawing for FREE crotchgear sweatpants. We will select three of our entrants as winners and will be contacting them on Tuesday, February 19, 2014. You have until then to submit your survey answer, so don't delay buster! Fill it out now!

Enter Drawing Here 

Facebook Contest

In addition to the survey question, we have a Facebook contest going on as well. We will also select the winner of this on Tuesday, February 19, 2014, so make sure you jump on it! 

Show Me the Facebook Contest

FOUR pairs of FREE sweatpants given out in ONE week?! Yeah, don't say we never do anything for the fans. Best of luck to everyone competing. 

CGTYD (crotchgear 'til ya die)!

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