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Gigantic sale this week!

Greetings to the Nation...the CGNation!

This week, we have an AWESOME sale going on for our popular crotchgear 'semi-bold' boxers. All boxers are just $4.99 while supplies last until Friday, March 14!!!Please, do yourself or your significant other a favor and don't miss this very rare sale on the stealthiest way to display your "humor below the belt".


Our Next Product Line Will Be...

While you're checking out our SUPER FRESH boxers sale, you will notice that our website looks different. That's because we unveiled crotchgear site version 3.0 this past week. Feel free to explore around and let us know what you think of our new layout. 

If you stay on our site for at least 90 seconds, a pop-up will appear on the left hand side of the site. No, this pop-up will not grant you three wishes, but it will ask you which out of three potential new crotchgear product lines you would like us to pursue next. Which three are we thinking about pursuing? You'll just have to stay on our site for roughly 90 seconds and see. It's exciting times in CROTCHVEGAS!

Mug Muscles Anyone?

Based on feedback from our 'Behind the Threads' survey, you guys said you would appreciate us finding some rad funny and quirky gifts from other sites/companies. Your wishes are our command! 

Check out these sweet mug muscles from BaronBob! You can get a killer workout on your grip and get shmamered, AT THE SAME TIME!


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