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These five gag gifts will solidify your status as best gift giver!

One of our main joys at crotchgear is finding our customers the most laugh-worthy gift ideas to give to their friends and family, even if it does not entail crotch humor. Speaking of, here are five really cool gag gifts we found across the internet that all gift givers should know about. If the people in your life are as cool as we think they are, these are guaranteed to MAKE THEIR DAY during any occasion. Let's begin, shall we? 

1. PrankPack Prank Gift Boxes
"Crib Dribbler", "Pet Sweep", "Toe Tunes"... there are so many awesome options to choose from. PrankPack boxes will fool the recipient into thinking they're getting a totally bogus gift. It's the perfect set up for tons of laughs. Just make sure to stuff a really cool gift in the box, because some of the fake products are so hilariously awesome that you may dissappoint the recipient. NOTE: you can fit at least one crotchgear product in any of their boxes. ;)

2. The Right Medicine Ceramic Coffee Cup
Coffee. Most of us thrive off of this substance and we can't start our day until we've had at least one cup of "joe". Can coffee really be medicine? We think so. Thrill the pants off of your favorite coffee drinker with this super awesome coffee mug.

3. The Bacon Scarf 
Let's be real for a moment; in a society where meat rules the world, bacon is king. We all know the expression: exercise...eggsersize...eggs are sides....FOR BACON! And bacon it is with this ultra rad, yet warm scarf. 

4. Polly the Insulting Parrot
We all love a talking parrot! After all, parrots are really the only animals that we can have conversations with (forget Mr. Ed the talking horse, that was just a TV show). But what's even better than a talking parrot? Try an insulting parrot. This guy will say all sorts of outrageous NSFW potty-mouth language, ensuring your recipient and others cry laughing. 

5. Instant Excuse Ball
We all tell white lies and that is okay. You're not going to your friend's daughter's dance recital because you don't want to, you're not going because you came down with a "24-hour Flu" (wink, wink). But what happens when we stop getting creative? We need a little help on the excuses, and that's where this instant excuse ball comes in. Give your recipient their next set of excuses for not hanging out with you! 

FYI: we are in no way affiliated with any of the companies that make these sweet gifts. Just wanted to make sure YOU had some cool options for awesome gifts in the near future (in addition to our products of course).

As always, let us know if we can help you pick out some dope 'humor below the belt'!

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