It's time to talk about crotchgear yoga pants...

It's time to talk about crotchgear yoga pants...

Greetings crotch warriors! 

Welcome to our March 31, 2014 edition of BTT. Chances are our subject line got you really curious to learn about something EVERY female fan of crotchgear has been asking about for quite some time now: YOGA PANTS!

We will definitely get into that in a sec, but first, we must take a moment to congratulate Jacob Ingersoll on winning last week's giveaway of 3 FREE pairs of crotchgear sweatpants. Jacob, please contact us and let us know which designs and sizes you would like and we'll shoot those out to you ASAP. 

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crotchgear yoga pants: the female frontier

We all know that up until this point, crotchgear has almost exclusively catered to men. This virtually makes us no different than Sports Illustrated. But all of that is about to change with the introduction of our very first female product line: yoga pants! You ladies have been asking for this for so long, and now, we will FINALLY HAVE THE MEANS TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. 

However, WE DESPERATELY NEED YOUR HELP LADIES. crotchgear needs the opinion of all of our female fans to make sure we make a product that is made for all the beautiful women out there and not us beer-holstering, car-loving men. With the introduction of this line scheduled just a few months from now, we currently know ZERO about what you ladies want; this is where you have the opportunity and power to create crotchgear yoga pants: the pants colors and material, the designs, the cost, etc.

We have developed a short survey for just our female customers and fans to take. It will take five to ten minutes to complete, and to show how much we appreciate the opinions, all participants will receive a $10 discount for our forthcoming yoga pants line. In addition, whoever we feel gives us the MOST INSIGHTFUL feedback will win a FREE PAIR of her choice when the yoga pants line rolls out! 


That is it for now. We can't wait to see what you ladies think! 


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