Yoga Pants For Girls! Updates on crotchgear's upcoming yoga pants line

Yoga Pants For Girls! Updates on crotchgear's upcoming yoga pants line.

Greetings CGNation,


This is Adam Shinn, one of crotchgear's co-founders. I wanted to take a moment to update all of you on our upcoming yoga pants line that is due out early this summer. In case you're wondering, we are currently super hard at work to make this new line a reality, and we are ultra excited about the inclusion of this line (we hope you are too!)

I wanted to personally thank every female fan of crotchgear for providing us with very solid information in the yoga pants survey we sent out a couple months ago. We have taken into consideration all of the details we possibly could, and we think we have found a great supplier to use for the pants.

To be clear, the pants we will use are VERY soft, they will run a bit long (which was a big request for many), and will be dark in color, just black to begin with. The pants have a medium thickness (a bit more on the thin side but not too thin) and are very flexible. They will come with a fold-over waist band (another big request) and they include pockets! One of the best parts about the pants themselves is that they are made in the USA (our American fan base will be supporting the local economy)! 

Let's talk about designs for a moment. It is our goal to launch with at least six product designs and to grow steadily from there. We have chosen the six initial designs and they are currently being designed by one of our very talented designers, Eva Delgado (she designed 'The Banana Thief', 'The Nutcracker', 'Play More & Earn Experience', etc.). We cannot wait to see what she comes up with based on our design concepts. The female design concepts we develop for this line will range in subtlety from very innocent humor to "PG-13" raunchy. Not many of you wanted designs that go over or near the crotch; rather, many were fans of the idea that the designs should go on the upper hip or upper thigh so they will. Occasionally we will throw in a few that go outside of these guidelines, but you can expect the bulk to follow this trend. 


On our end, we have to finish photography and some promotional elements, but we expect this line to come out no later than the end of June.

But, we aren't done hearing from you all. Are there any ideas you would like to see us do with this line? PLEASE, let us know below in the comments...I will personally reply to every comment we get. Men, let us know your ideas too.


Men, don't forget that we are also busy working on the athletic shorts line. More updates on that to follow.


Stay tuned,


Adam Shinn


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