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Father's Day Special! (you don't wanna miss this)


Greetings CGNation, 


Adam Shinn again with another edition of Behind the Threads! Did you know that Father's Day is on June 15 this year? Well, if you're like most people reading this right now, you're probably doing the math and realizing that that's only 18 days away (slightly over 2 weeks). Fear not, said the wise crotch philosopher, because crotchgear has a plan for every son and daughter out there!

For our Father's Day special this year, we are offering 20% off on all Gift Card sales! What does this mean? Well, if you purchase a gift card worth $25, you get $5 off of that gift card. Better yet, purchase a $50 gift card and get $10 off of that gift card! The more you load up on the card, the more you save, and these cards never expire as long as we're balling out of control on the internet. 


"So, gift cards....beyond the great deal you're giving us, what's the fuss about gift cards?" you might ask. 


First of all, we really wanted a way to show off this new product on the site. Gift Cards are great to give to the dads out there especially if you don't know which product the dad you are shopping for would like. At the same time, our new athletic shorts line is not yet complete but will be soon (hopefully by Father's Day). When Father's Day rolls around, the father you are shopping for would be able to purchase a great pair of athletic shorts with your gift card...worry free, because he picked the product out.


The thing to keep in mind is that you don't have to buy for a father to enjoy this sale (we promise we won't tell all the dads out there)... you can take advantage of this sale to get a discounted gift card for any occasion. You can even get the card and use it for YOUR next purchase; use the 20% savings from the gift card, add some more savings from discount codes when you're ready to purchase a product at a later date, and you've really made yourself a deal (kind of like those mega coupon shoppers at all the grocery stores).


To get 20% off your gift card today, visit the following link and use the code 'padre14' at checkout:



It's important to keep in mind that this coupon code will expire on Father's Day (June 15). Also important, if you plan to buy a product from us in advance of Father's Day (or buy a gift card in order to do that same thing and save extra cash, hint hint), you will want to keep in mind our 10-14 day delivery policy. We cannot be held responsible for any late or last minute deliveries that are purchased after June 1st. 


With that said, enjoy the savings, and if you have any questions or comments, let us know in the comments below. We respond to EVERY question and comment that comes our way! 


Enjoy our new designs too!




Adam Shinn

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