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Yoga Pants Are Here!




Is today a beautiful day or what?! After many months of careful research and preparation, we announce the grand opening of our brand new yoga pants product line. This is a monumental occasion for our company and for many of our customers. Those who have followed us over the last few years know pretty well that we've been talking about this possibility for quite a while. Today, is the day! 


Gone are the days of plain and non-expressive yoga pants. If you're reading this right now, chances are very high you understand this problem all too well. Every woman in the world now has access the cutest, funniest, most clever yoga pants made right here in America to wear at the yoga class, exercise class, mall, grocery store, on the town, etc.



Feel free to browse our initial collection of eight designs below and please let us know what you think in the comments section. Also take advantage of our Early Bird special; order by this Saturday June 14 to save 10% on any and all yoga pants purchases with the promo code: mefirst


However, if you're up to a challenge for FREE yoga pants, please read ahead...




We NEED your help in spreading the word so that crotchgear yoga pants will be a true success (the better this does, the more designs we can produce)! In order to jump start our new yoga pants line, we have set up a friendly contest to see who can get the most organic shares across Facebook and Pinterest. We will give away two $75 crotchgear gift cards; one for the most shares on Facebook and one for the most re-pins on Pinterest (yes, one person can win both). Each card is worth at least two FREE pairs of yoga pants. Read below for the guidelines.


1. You will choose at least one of our yoga pants product images to share (click this link to get started). You can share any or all of our yoga pants product images. To share the product image, either click the corresponding share buttons at the top of any product page or right click, save-as, and upload to Facebook and/or Pinterest.

2. These guidelines are most important: no matter which network you share on, make sure the post is public and send us a link to your posts in the comments below. The post must also have a link to our website in the description. If you're at a loss for a good caption that is both engaging and meets the guidelines, you may copy and paste the following example:

Look at these awesome yoga pants I found at If I get enough people to (share/re-pin) this post, I may win a FREE giftcard to get them. Thanks in advance.

For any of you that are lost, check the comments section below where I will post my own example of what we're looking for. 

3. On Monday June 23, our team will go through all submissions and will crown each winner based on most unique shares and re-pins. Remember, make sure you post your public post links in the comments section below no later than Sunday June 22. Please note that any Facebook posts that receive less than 15 shares and any Pinterest posts that receive less than 25 re-pins fall below the minimum requirement to win. If you win, we will comment on your link posts with further instructions.


Best of luck!!!


Keep calm and yoga on!




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