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Sweatpants cheaper than t-shirts?! Have we lost our minds?!

Greetings CG Nation


We just wanted to point out that many of our sweatpants products now come with a FREE LIMITED EDITION pair of crotchgear boxers (one pair per order and for a limited time only)! Look for this message at the bottom of the product page...

If you order a pair of sweatpants that has this message on the product page, we will automatically send you a FREE LIMITED EDITION pair of crotchgear boxers!

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Also, you may have noticed that we are letting our sweatpants go for some of the lowest prices ever. This is not a mistake and no, our system has not been hacked. We are actively making room in the crotchgear warehouse for more and more products. This means clearance time for us...many products must go. These prices wont be this low again for a while, so if you see a good steal, take advantage! We hate to let our sweatpants go for this low because we pride ourselves on carrying quality comfortable clothing that stands the test of time -- but in the interest of space, we must. 

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Likewise, we have updated our 'Discounted Sweats' page with more minor misprinted sweats. One question we get a bit is "are the 'Discounted Sweats' messed up badly and is it worth getting them?" The answer to that question is most definitely! For the money, this is one of the best deals on the site. $12.99 for some of the pairs of sweats?!...THAT'S CHEAP even if nothing was printed on the sweats! If the person you are shopping for is not super picky about having a perfect print on their sweatpants, 'Discounted Sweats' are a great option. Check out what we have in stock below.

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Finally, don't forget about our 'Mystery Sweats'. Just like there is a mystery drink at the bar, any and all of our sweatpants are up for grabs at just $14.99 each. This option is perfect if you like most of our designs and need us to surprise you with an awesome pair of 'humor below the belt'. 

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That being said, can't wait to see you on the site and happy shopping!




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