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Just Announced: Much Cheaper Shipping!

Greetings CGNation!!

This morning, I have some very exciting news to report. Since 2011, one of our company's main challenges has been finding ways to reduce our shipping costs and to pass those savings on to our great customer base. After all, we don't like charging our customers a lot for shipping, and if we don't like it then we know our customers don't like it either. But alas, one of the major pros of an e-commerce website is to extend reach far beyond a brick and mortar store; all at the cost of shipping articles of crotchtacular clothing across the country and sometimes across the world. While the super huge fish in the pond (*cough* *cough* the Amazon.coms) can effortlessly offer free shipping on many items due to their size and volume, it leaves smaller companies like ours slamming our heads against the wall just trying to compete. 

But as we grow, we're able to scale up our production capabilities and lower costs. As a direct result of the growth we have experienced this year, we are now able to offer drastically lower shipping rates within the U.S. This is a great change for us and a win for both us and our customers. Gone are the days of $9.00 shipping to Zone 7 and Zone 8 from North Carolina. For example: it used to cost us $9.00 to ship one pair of sweatpants to California...seriously. Today, we can send a size M, L, or XL pair of sweatpants to California (or anywhere else in the USA for that matter) for just $5 without losing too much money. Want to order a pair of sweatpants and two pairs of athletic shorts? We'll charge you no more than $7.70 for all of that. In fact, we've even changed our FREE shipping policy; just order $100 or more worth of crotchgear product and shipping is automatically free. The best part about this is that discount codes can now be used simultaneously with FREE shipping. We've even added an estimated shipping calculator to the cart page that will let you know what you can expect to pay for shipping (see below). 

As we look long term, we hope that this change will provide us more business by reducing "sticker shock" from customers who weren't expecting high shipping costs during the checkout process. International customers, we're not trying to leave you hanging; we understand this has been a sizeable point of friction for some customers and lowering your shipping rates is still a work in progress. We salute all of our loyal fans who have supported us since the beginning, even during our higher shipping cost days. We sincerely welcome all of our new customers who have been patiently waiting for lower shipping rates. 

Thanks to all for sticking with us,


Adam Peter Shinn


  • Adam Shinn

    Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for getting in touch. Please message us via our ‘help’ page and one of our customer service reps can generate another code for you. Also, shipping to Australia is currently $40-$50. Perhaps a little steep, but we have quite a few customers from AUS and NZ. Hope I was able to help!

  • Michelle Adams

    i found your site scrolling thru my newsfeed on Pinterest. I signed up and can’t find the 15% off code any where. Can you let me know what it is. Also how much would shipping to Katoomba, Austrailia be. That’s where I want to ship these.

  • Adam Shinn


    Hi Amy! Thanks for your question. One minor thing about your question…we currently sell sweatpants, yoga pants, and athletic shorts. We don’t currently sell track pants, although that would make a nice addition in the future. :)

    We hear you loud and clear about shipping to Canada. We think it’s ridiculous that shipping jumps up $20 just for going over the border. We are trying hard to find ways to get our rates to Canada and other countries cheaper. Stay tuned and we will keep you posted.

    Also, be on the look out for Canada Appreciation Day. We designate one day a year to give a big shipping discount to everyone in Canada. We usually lose a lot of money doing this, but do it anyway as a goodwill to everyone up there who would like to have some of the dopest “humor below the belt” on the planet!

  • Amy

    Hi there!
    I received an email about your lower shipping rates. I was just wondering if this applies to Canada as well. I really wanted to purchase a pair but $60 including shopping is very steep for a pair of track pants.
    Thanks! :)

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