Behind the Threads: September 18, 2012 – crotchgear

Behind the Threads: September 18, 2012

Note: For lurkers who check out the crotchblog™ and haven't bought one of our products yet, BTT is a periodic e-newsletter we send out to our customers. To get on the BTT newsletter mailing list, click here.

Yo yo crotchgear fans! Welcome to another edition of BTT. The team is here to inform you of our super duper sweaty but sexy SALE taking place right now. Not now, but RIGHT NOW. For a limited time, our 'Rock My Mic' sweats are on SALE for nineteen dollars, and 99/100. A price so ridiculously low, we had to write it out so that you could take it to the bank and cash it in. Act now, this sale may not last forever. Winter is on the way though, and that means plenty of music shows INSIDE where you and your crotch can take center stage. As always, send us pics with your sweats and we'll throw them up on our 'Fan Photos' page (big, small, fat, or smelly...we feature all your mugs). 

Second, we hope that all of you on Pinterest are taking advantage of our PIN IT TO WIN IT sweepstakes where a FREE pair of crotchgear sweats is at stake. If not, you better get your rear in gear and check out the deets here on our CrotchBlog

And last, for those of you who have a minute (probably five to be exact), we'd love to hear what you think about your crotchgear sweats. Your information will help us develop better designs and offer better service to existing and future customers. For the love of Ray J, just give us those golden nuggets of wisdom we call: your opinions. 

"Leave a message at the beep"........*BEEP*:




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