Behind the Threads: October 12, 2012 – crotchgear

Behind the Threads: October 12, 2012

Note: For lurkers who check out the crotchblog™ and haven't bought one of our products yet, BTT is a periodic e-newsletter we send out to our customers. To get on the BTT newsletter mailing list, click here.


Welcome back to the BTT express. For those of you who are tuning in for the first time, this is crotchgear's periodic newsletter that lets you know all of the good stuff, and unlike the political debates, we promise to only spoon-feed you guys the truth! 

What's new? Well, for starters, our 'Rock My Mic' is still on sale for $19.99. Actually, that's nothing new folks. Check out and get that funny apparel on the low low (wow, this truthful business is kind of fun). 

We've extended our PIN IT TO WIN IT sweepstakes an extra month. So find the crotchgear Pinterest page and pin our sweats. Someone lucky is going to walk away with a free pair of our sweats and it might as well be you! The deets can be found right here on our CrotchBlog

We love the feedback you guys have given us in our customer survey. It will surely help us get better (like a midget deciding to use a trampoline to dunk it home). If you haven't had the chance to leave feedback, here ya go...

The beautiful thing about the survey is that it is short, so heat up a 5 minute burrito, take the survey, return to microwave, eat burrito (or don't). 

If you live near Charlotte, North Carolina, come check out our booth at the ALL ARTS MARKET in NoDa next Friday (October 19). You can meet one of the co-founders and pick up some CG in person. 

Finally, be on the look out for a SUPER SWEET new design debuting this month. 




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