Behind the Threads: October 25, 2012 – crotchgear

Behind the Threads: October 25, 2012

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Sound the trumpets! We here at crotchgear are proud to announce the latest design to our family of HAHA's.


Behold: HEAVY LIFTING is here. That's right. For all you guys and gals that love to get in the gym and get extra sweaty in the under-region, we have the perfect pair of sweats for you. We're just gonna stop right here. We bet you're curious, aren't you? Good, because the only way to know how perfect this design is is to go to We can say this: this design will ensure that people finally show you some respect for the strength of your "hustle muscle", if you know what I mean. 


But, whatever you do, exercise caution. You don't want to risk throwing your back out ;).  

In addition, crotchgear took to the campus of UNC Charlotte today for some grassroots promo (BTdub, if you're curious why Charlotte, NC has been getting so much inyoface CG love lately, it's because one of the co-founders is from there; UNC Charlotte is his alma manatee, or something lyke dat). The reception on campus was incredible! We'll leave you with a handful of quotable reactions:


"This is the funniest thing I've seen all week!"

"I might have to get my boyfriend a pair of these for Christmas."

"This is original man! You guys could get super rich off of these."

"Very well done sir!"

"Ahahahaha, I get it, [the squirrel is] trying to get a nut."

"S#*t, I'm late for Econ, but those look real legit!"


Keep in mind these are unsolicited reactions. No one was paid (that much) for these opinions. ::cue halo::


On a serious note, whether you have purchased from us recently or not, we definitely value your business. Since Halloween is on the way (well, and Christmas too, but you been known that since July), keep a look out on our 'Deals' page for the latest and greatest price slashings. Forget Wally World, we're the Freddie Krueger of slashing prices MWAHAHAHAHA (OK, that may have been a tad overkill on the creepiness). 




the crotchgear team 

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