Behind the Threads: November 5, 2012 – crotchgear

Behind the Threads: November 5, 2012

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Greetings Earthlings! 


Guess what Monday, November 26th is! Besides another day full of re-experiencing Aunt Cathy's turkey leftovers, it's Cyber Monday. And chances are you're gonna go online and browse the many mega deals that make up Cyber Monday (AKA I'm in desperate need of finding some last minute gift ideas). Cyber Monday (conveniently) happens to coincide with our CROTCHCRUNCH sale! No, we doubt Cyber Monday meant to steal our thunder, but we can all bask in harmonious glory, right. RIGHT?! Whatever, we were the chicken that came before the egg (or is it the other way around?...purrr). 


So what does this mean for you, the customer? We're literally crunching the prices on crotchgear merch (not crunching your crotch, which would be uncalled for). Almost all of our sweats will be on sale for $15 (a savings of 40% for the statistically inclined). Here's another math problem for you stats lovers: the percentage of you that will want to miss this sale is (6+7-8-5)/1 and please round to the nearest whole number. So, please don't be a dummie; don't forget to mark your calendars for this event of epic crotch proportions. 


Speaking of Christmas presents, Christmas is another big holiday around the corner. Many of you will be making last minute purchases for Christmas and may wonder: when is the latest you can order a pair of sweats from us to ensure timely delivery before Santa climbs down the chimney? Here is our fair warning: we cannot expedite overnight shipping on any orders; therefore, the last day for guaranteed pre-Christmas arrival is December 11th, 2012 (NO EXCEPTIONS). We'll even throw this info on our FAQ page to make sure as many people know as possible. Of course, feel free to order between December 12th and December 25th as you would any day, but we cannot guarantee your sweats will be at your crib on time for Christmas if you order past December 11th. 


That's about it! Don't forget to send us your Holiday-spirited 'Fan Photos' for our website. 




the crotchgear team

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