Behind the Threads: November 19, 2012 – crotchgear

Behind the Threads: November 19, 2012

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Calling all CGNation members,


We here at crotchgear are all about surprises. Why's that you may wonder? Surprises are the spice of life! And we have a surprise for you guys.


So...on to this surprise....


As you all know, America mourned the death of an iconic snack cake company last week: Hostess. One of Hostess' lead troops in battle was a spongy-looking fellow: the 'Twinkie'. It is rumored that Twinkies have a shelf life of 295969705 years. Well, the Twinkie has now passed on to a better kitchen. We all cry tears of loaded calories and pour out a lil high fructose corn syrup in your memory. We salute you Twinkie, it was a life well lived. 


To pay homage to the late, great, Twinkie, we designed 'Legendary Créme'.      **cue anthemic music of your choosing**


Yes, that font upgrade was ultra-necessary! And our new design comes to us JUST IN TIME for our Cyber Monday CROTCHCRUNCH sale **cue neato segue music**  


Do not forget that on Monday, November 26, crotchgear is throwing the biggest sale in the history of the company. How big? We're talking $10 price slashings on many of our sweats! Many of you have asked if 'Buy Two Pairs, Get FREE Shipping' is still in effect. The answer is: very much so. CGNation, get ready to eat your heart out!


One last thing we wanted to share with you guys (and on a serious note)...THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR ONGOING SUPPORT!!! Because of you guys, we have sold pairs to 44 out of 50 United States as well as Canada and New Zealand. This is our biggest quarter yet and it's all because of you!  Let's all celebrate this news with warm beer and stale pretzels.


'til next time CGNation...


the crotchgear team


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