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Behind the Threads: December 3, 2012

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Wow! You guys are ridiculous. We're "talking clean us out of house on nearly all of our sweats" ridiculous! We're talking "let's buy us some crotchgear right here, right now, because it's never going out of style" ridiculous! We're talking "forget a napkin, I'ma need something more absorbent. Oh, I know, let me buy some crotchgear to wipe off these Thanksgiving day leftover turkey juices" ridiculous. 


Maybe that last one was a tad far-fetched and graphic (or not), but we felt it accurately stated how successful our very first CROTCHCRUNCH sale was. Many of you are reading this BTT for the first time. That's because we had a rather large influx of CGNation members this past Monday. No kidding...November 26th was a big day for us with record page views and sales. We're still trying to sort out the madness from that momentous day!


We hope you guys are safely getting your 'Tarzan' on as we swing from holiday vine to holiday vine. The next holiday up to bat is a big one. In case you missed our blast email that was sent out a few days ago, we have moved up our deadline to get orders in in time for Christmas. Please note the new GUARANTEED pre-Christmas delivery date of DECEMBER 5 (from December 11). If you received this BTT in your email inbox (chances are this is you) and recently ordered from us, this means you are safe; you are guaranteed to get your order before Christmas. If, however, you decide to order another pair or two for Christmas or have a friend who is interested in buying from us in time for Christmas, you/they have until Thursday, December 6 at 12:00 AM to make sure it's under the tree in time!   


In other news, it's time to give an update on CGNation growth. As of December 1st,crotchgear sweatpants have proud owners in 49 out of 50 states (US)! Which state is the last to join CGNation, you ask? The answer: Vermont. Come on, Vermont! Why are you guys sleeping on the funny? Maybe Vermont's entire population are bears and have been hibernating this whole time. Bears are so lethargic and tend to procrastinate during the winter months (that's A+ logic). It is the 21st century though, so nowadays we're pretty sure these bears have computers in their caves equipped with at least 56kbps dial-up modems. We're also fairly certain bears wear funny sweatpants...


Happy December!  



the crotchgear team

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