CROTCHELECTION 1.0 - YOU get to choose our next design! – crotchgear

CROTCHELECTION 1.0 - YOU get to choose our next design!

Welcome to CROTCHELECTION 1.0, our very first event where YOU have the opportunity to pick the next design that crotchgear will market. 
Please answer the following questions carefully and honestly. The last thing our company wants to do is market a product that #CGNation does not want. Please note that YOU have a lot of power in this poll, and your opinions will either spell life or death for each of these designs. You may be one voice, but in the grand scheme of things, your voice is loud enough for us to take seriously. 
All you have to do is consider each design in SECTION A (the candidates). Open your favorite brand of Cola and let the designs sink in as you drink down that sugary goodness. In SECTION B (the polls), we will ask you to provide us with both your favorite design of the group, and whether or not you would consider purchasing each one. 

Please be aware: Question 1 asks you for ONE favorite, and Question 2 asks you to check ALL that apply. 
Thanks for your time, and LIBERTY AND JUSTISSSSS FOR ALL!!!

The crotchgear team

SECTION A (the candidates)
Censor Me
Scratch 'n Sniff
Big Spenda
SECTION B (the polls)

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