Behind the Threads: February 6, 2013 – crotchgear

Behind the Threads: February 6, 2013

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Greetings, Earthlings of the Crotch Kind. 


Well, look what you guys went and done did. You turned this dance party into a "crammed club"; the type of club where you literally have to elbow the guy next to you just so you can move an inch further towards the bathroom. What does that mean? It is time to welcome a bunch of you to this awesome party called Behind the Threads, or 'BTT' for short. Oh yeah, that's right. If you ordered from us in the last "24", you know what we're talking about.


If you don't, here is the scoop:


The popular website made a plug for us on Tuesday through their Facebook page. Long story short, 'Pesky Squirrel' gained 3,000+ new likes and 1,200+ shares within a few hours of them posting about us. Many of those people (that is, quite a few of you reading this) have known us for less than a day, and they're (you're) already at the party. That's okay though, we like strangers, and yes, we do bite (hard). Ok, not hard, but hard enough for you to want to bite us back (in a friendly and/or more than friendly way).


So, to celebrate this big news, we decided to make an early debut for 'Well Groomed', our brand new design. Get on and Czech it out! And for the next 24 hours only, we're intro pricing it at $24.99; that's Pre-School affordability folks. Seriously, does it get any better than having a handlebar mustache on your crotch? Heck, maybe it does, which is why we will now announce... 


CROTCHELECTION 1.0!!! If you've been reading BTT for the last month, you've heard us talk about our upcoming design vote. The time is nigh my ladies and lads... On February 18, CGNation will have the ability to vote for the next crotchgear design. We have three design candidates hoping to be the next member of the crotchgear family. Your vote will decide the fate of these designs. Come one and come all. But to stay in the loop with the most timely of updates, YOU GOTSTA FOLLOW US ON TWITTER (@crotchgear) AND YOU GOTSTA LIKE US ON FACEBOOK (! AIN'T NO WAY AROUND THAT. NOW QUIT LISTENING TO US YELL AND CALM DOWN! 


That's what's happening in our neck of the woods. Now let's take a look at your local forecast:


1. In case you haven't heard, crotchgear stickers are in! You can buy each for $.99 or you can get one FREE when you sign up for BTT after a sweatpant purchase. 


2. We want to thank you guys for sending in your material for the first ever crotchgear commercial. We got some great stuff and hope to use a lot of it. 


3. In addition, you guys are rocking the house on raising this money for the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation. As a reminder, $1.50 of each sale in February goes to their organization. Let's keep it up! 




the crotchgear team

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