Behind the Threads: February 18, 2013 – crotchgear

Behind the Threads: February 18, 2013

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Welcome Back!


Unless you've had your head under a rock for the last two weeks, you already know that the groundhog didn't see his shadow (yayy, short winter) and that we are more than halfway through the month of February (yayy, short month). But what about today? Did you know that today is Washington's Birthday aka PRESIDENT'S DAY? Are you off from work? Are you off from school? If so, you have no excuse to not check out our special sale on 'Got Bush?'. 


So here's the deal. We were going to make our PRESIDENT'S DAY sale an exclusive sale only known to our Facebook fans and Twitter followers. But then we figured, why not let all of CGNation benefit from such a stellar deal? So if you order a pair of 'Got Bush?' today (and today only), you will pay just 14 dollars and 99 cent (from $24.99). Don't believe us? Read 'em and weep kid (unless you're reading this after 2/18, then you probably think we're lying, to which our rebuttal would be that your roommate JUST stole the hat that WAS sitting on your bedpost on the way to College Algebra. No, not the leather one. The one with the polka dots and exotic goose feathers. No, we don't sell hats, silly. No, we have no idea what any of this has to do with you not believing us. Do you even own a hat? Cheetos with hot sauce -- infinite scovilles, son. Did we just make you feel stupid? Who's the dumb one now, huh?):


In other news, CROTCHELECTION 1.0 WILL START TODAY AT 5PM Eastern Standard Time! CROTCHELECTION 1,0 gives YOU, CGNation, the supernatural power to pick the next crotchgear design. That's pretty rocking and rolling if you ask us. So rocking and rolling that Rod Stewart is jealous. Half of you probably don't know who Rod Stewart is, which also means you're probably way younger than 18 (the legal age to vote). That's okay. The only voter's registration for our election is a steady internet connection and a sense of humor. Well, and pants. Because if you show up to our poll without pants, how do you expect us to believe that you'll actually buy a pair of sweatpants from us? In other words, please vote, but don't be a poser.




the crotchgear team

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