Behind the Threads: February 24, 2013 – crotchgear

Behind the Threads: February 24, 2013

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crotchgear has picked up a lot of members in recent months, and we are very thankful for each and every one of you! Pesky Squirrel is very appreciative of all of you too, because let's face it (or pants it... yeah, let's go with that), you guys have given him many a home and nuts to hunt for. To show thanks, we are about to throw down with PESKY SQUIRREL APPRECIATION DAY! What does this mean? On March 1, and March 1 only, all pairs of 'Pesky Squirrel' are JUST $24.99. That's a whopping $10 off! Do you know what kind of things you could buy with the $10 you'll save on March 1? That's like buying 10 songs on iTunes. That's like buying 10 things at the same time at your local dollar store. That's like buying a $10 cookie (for those of you crazy enough to buy one, we're sure that they exist somewhere). If you were waiting for the chance to get a pair of our most popular product for the low low, don't miss 3/1/13. We don't know the next time it will be that cheap.  


Now, time to get down to the nitty gritty and talk CROTCHELECTION 1.0 results. For one week, political pundits on Fox and CNN were given the mute button, CGNation spoke, and we listened. Did the controversial happen? Oh yeah. Are some crotchgear fans elated with vindicating pleasure because their candidate won? You betcha! Are some fans crying and in mass pain because their key candidate lost? No doubt about it! And there a new product sitting on our main page RIGHT NOW available for pre-order? The answer rhymes with SHELL BLESS!  


With an overwhelming 61% of the popular vote, CGNation has spoken: 'Censor Me' is the newest member of the crotchgear family. You guys made history. 'Censor Me' has made history as the first *BEEP*ing design to be elected a *BEEP*ing winner in the eyes of the CGdemocracy (wowzers, don't hire us to censor the Super Bowl, Janet Jackson might remain fully clothed). As mentioned earlier, you can pre-order 'Censor Me' now at a reduced rate by clicking here:


Thanks for reading 'BTT'! We hope you read the fine print in this one. Seriously. GO BACK AND READ THOROUGHLY. New sweats and low prices to be had by everyone. Time to celebrate!      


Hasta Crotchvista,


the crotchgear team

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