Behind the Threads: April 24, 2013 – crotchgear

Behind the Threads: April 24, 2013


Note: For lurkers who check out the crotchblog™ and haven't bought one of our products yet, BTT is a periodic e-newsletter we send out to our customers. To get on the BTT newsletter mailing list, click here.

Dear Crotch Enthusiasts,

In this special PRICE SAVING edition of BTT, we will relay some important information on new sales, discounts, and other ways you can save bucks on our famous "humor below the belt"!

Let's get right on to the fun...

1. Take the 3 Minute Survey, Enter A Chance to Win FREE crotchgear.

If you like us on Facebook, you already know about this one. We have had plenty of participation with the survey so far, but we need about 60 more entries before we can draw a winner. Yes, all participants will enter in a drawing to win your choice of crotchgear sweatpants or crotchgear boxer shorts. All answers must be complete to win. Only one entry per participant please. 

You can take the survey by clicking here!

Once you complete the survey, you may enter the drawing by posting "crotchgear for the win!" on the crotchgear fan page.

2. Check Out the New 'Discounted Gear' Page.

We have sold plenty of pairs of our discounted 'Pesky Squirrel' sweatpants to date, which got us thinking: "maybe CGNation would like the option to purchase some of our other discounted product designs." To make things easy, we decided we would put all of our discounted products on one product page. You can check that page out here. As we get more discounted products in the future, we will add them to the list, so check this page frequently. 

3. We Are Phasing Out 'Got Bush?' Sweatpants.

You heard right. We have a few pairs of 'Got Bush?' sweatpants left and after we sell them, you will no longer be able to buy them. The former President Bush has served two terms near your crotch, and now it's time for him to retire (well, at least on sweatpants). Because we are saying farewell to 'Got Bush?' sweatpants, you can purchase one of the last pairs today for only $19.99. Please Note: 'Got Bush?' boxer shorts are on sale for $9.99.

4. The $29.99 'Pesky Squirrel' Sale Ends Monday. 

Time to see who has done their homework. If you didn't know that we have been hosting a sale on 'Pesky Squirrel' sweatpants over the last two weeks (normally priced $34.99), you haven't been visiting as much as you should (tear). But like all good things, it must come to an end at some point. That's why we are extending our 'Pesky Squirrel' sale until this Monday (April 29, 2013). Click here to be taken to the 'Pesky Squirrel' product page. 

And that'll just about do it. If you're obsessed with saving cash, don't forget about our 'discount' page that is conveniently located on the crotchgear navigation bar. 

CGTYD (crotchgear 'til ya die)!

The crotchgear team

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