Behind the Threads: May 15, 2013 – crotchgear

Behind the Threads: May 15, 2013

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Welcome to another pants-gripping edition of Behind the Threads! (that sounded kind of wrong, oh well). 

We have a few exciting things to tell you guys. First, here is a "thrilling" new design to feast your eyes on:

This is our new product 'Just Beat It', available exclusively on our semi-bold underwear line (only $9.99 per pair). Click the photo and you will be taken straight to the product page. This is us paying homage to the late and great MJ (better late than never). We hope you guys will moonwalk to our site and pick up a few pairs for Dad. 

Speaking of which... Father's Day is right around the corner (June 16)! If you missed Mother's Day this year, she probably beat you over the head with a broom, scolding you to not give your father the same treatment. Yikes ma! Ahem, crotchgear to the rescue. We will be distributing special Father's Day discount codes all throughout the month of June, so make sure that you 'like' us on Facebook to receive these codes. If you're not a fan of crotchgear on Facebook, then you're practically on the outside looking in, so take the few seconds to reach out to us now. 

We thought we would be the first to let you guys know about our Kickstarter campaign that we hope to release closer to the month of June. crotchgear is trying to raise funds to gain greater awareness with the college-aged market. The campaign is still at ground-level, but we're hoping that funds raised through this campaign will allow us to reach markets that will ensure crotchgear becomes a household name. Ultimately, we will need your help in getting the word out, so if you are down to help, please respond to this email and let us know! Many of the perks we will issue for backing the campaign will be in the form of our products, and even CUSTOMIZED LIMITED EDITION products that you design yourself. On that note, can you please pass us some awesome-sauce, cuz we just poured out a lot! More to come.

Last but not least, on the most recent customer survey we sent out, you guys spoke, and we listened. As a result, we made some changes to one of our most popular designs, 'Morning Wood'.

Behold... 'Morning Wood II':

This is the brand new version of 'Morning Wood' (click the picture to be taken to the product page). Because we created this new version, we are now selling the final batch of the original 'Morning Wood' design and once it is gone, it will be discontinued. Grab a piece of crotchgear history by buying the original 'Morning Wood' now and save $5 on the standard retail price (original sweatpants retail price: $24.99; original boxer shorts retail price: $9.99). Shoot, a lot of you are getting paid today, so grab both!  

Well, that's about all the shenanigans we have time for in this BTT. Have a great hump day and CGTYD (crotchgear 'til ya die)!

The crotchgear team

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