Behind the Threads: June 14, 2013 – crotchgear

Behind the Threads: June 14, 2013

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Howdy Kids!

Based on the many of you that took advantage of our crotchgear Father's Day discount codes, there are bound to be plenty of crotchtastic Dad's around the world come Sunday. So, what's next on the horizon?! Canada Day (yayy Canada) and Independence Day (yayy 'Murica)!

July 1 is more than hockey games, poutine, and eh's everywhere. It's more than Justin Beiber (okay, actually, let's not raise Beibs up on any pedestal, or mention him in any BTT ever again actually). It will be a day where we take $15 off all orders shipping to Canada! It's important to note that here at crotchgear, we never make a dime on shipping. We have received concerns about our shipping prices over time, but the truth is, we only charge what it costs to ship your product to you. Unfortunately, shipping costs have always been a challenge for our Canadian fans...but on July 1, we will take a $15 loss on each package we send to Canada, because we recognize that CANADA HAS SOME OF THE BIGGEST CROTCHGEAR FANS IN THE WORLD!!! It's true! We salute each and every one of our Canuck CGNation members, and on July 1, we show the thanks.

Americans, home of the brave...we haven't forgotten about you either. July 4 will be more than cookouts, fireworks, and visions of a bald eagle flying over the Statue of Liberty. It's also our 'Murica Sale....BUY 2 PAIRS OF BOXER SHORTS, GET ONE PAIR FREE! We have plenty of designs to choose from including our brand new 'Just Beat It' design and'Turn Me On' (both designs offered exclusively on boxer shorts). 

Canada and America, don't miss out on either sale. Make sure to check out our next BTT where we will provide more information for both sales. 


The crotchgear team

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