Behind the Threads: June 27, 2013 – crotchgear

Behind the Threads: June 27, 2013

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Howdy Rowdy Kids!

This is the team at CG giving you another summer fun edition of BTT. 

Before we give out the code that many of you have been patiently waiting on, we want to take a minute to ask you to join our Facebook page. We know what you're likely thinking...just another business trying to get me to 'like them' on Facebook so they can sell me more stuff. Well, that's only partly true, lol. As always, if you 'like us' on Facebook, you will be among the first to find out when we release cool new sweatpant and underwear designs and new discount codes (whether or not you decide to get them is on you, but it's a great way to stay in the know on the latest crotch fashion).

However, we are revamping our Facebook page to make it more about YOU, CGNation. Here are some things we already know about you guys...

  1. You have a great sense of humor.
  2. You like awesome pants. 
  3. You have mad sex appeal. (hey, if you got it, flaunt it!)

Seriously, we want to make our Facebook page the most incredible Facebook page in existence (move over Old Spice). So, with that said, expect the following cool things to show on our Facebook page in the future: funny photos from around the web, fresh jokes of the day, fan photos (you guys wearing your crotchgear), gift ideas for men (beside our stuff), awesome videos, contests for prizes, and more. Also, we'll be discussing many things that matter to CGNation, and we would love to invite you to the conversation. If you have any suggestions, concerns, questions, etc. about crotchgear, we would love for you to talk to us on our Facebook page! And on that note, click on any of the links above to go to our Facebook page. For real, don't get to the end of this email (or life) not 'liking' our Facebook page, because you will regret it. LOL


Canadian Appreciation Day is here. Actually, the code is good from now until July 2, so consider it Canadian Appreciation Days. The code is 'ohcanada'. As a reminder, this code will knock $15 off your total order to offset shipping costs. Note: Your order must be shipping to Canada for this code to work. Orders to any other country with this code will be null and void. 

Thanks again for reading. See you on our Facebook page

The crotchgear team

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