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One Lucky Customer This Month Will Randomly Receive $100 Cash

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Hi Kids!!

August is a great time for wondering why you're here. After all, many of our parents decided to have some fun in November and December, years ago. Let's just say that the mistletoe led them from one thing to the next, and about 8-9 months later, you were born. Well, at least that's the likely story for all the Leos out there. Let's hear it for all the lions. [enthusiastic roar of applause].

Chances are you know a Leo and his (or her) birthday is this month. We're sure you've at least considered getting him (or her) a pair of hilarious crotchgear sweatpants or boxers, but have you thought about how awesome it would be to surprise him (or her) with $100 cash at the same time? And if you aren't gifting your order to someone, how awesome would it be to receive your awesome new gear and find $100 cash snuggled inside the package? It's like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when Charlie looks for the golden ticket, except we have no magic factory for you to visit, so instead you get cash. Well, that's what we're doing this month for one random lucky crotchgearcustomer. Read ahead to get the full scoop. 

The deal is simple. All you have to do is make an order in the month of August. We will randomly place $100 cash in one of the orders from this month, whether the order is for one pair of boxers or ten pairs of sweatpants. The order we select to win could be an order from August 1, August 31, or anywhere in between. It will take a bit of luck to win, however, you can increase your odds of winning by ordering multiple pairs and spacing them out over the month. Or, you could get a friend to go in with you and if one of you wins, you split the cash. However you decide to go about it is up to you, but we hope you realize that THIS IS A CROTCHTASTIC OPPORTUNITY TO GET SOME FREE CASH. 

Nothing more can be said than best of luck, and happy shopping!    

For official rules and eligibility for August Giveaway, please click here. 

The crotchgear team

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