If you like 'Pesky Squirrel', you're going to go "bananas" for our new – crotchgear

If you like 'Pesky Squirrel', you're going to go "bananas" for our new design!

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Well hello, people of the Nation!

The crew has spent some time in jungle lately. We learned how to swing on vines while making clamorous noises like Tarzan. We learned how to take sacred fruit and make the sweetest of nectar. We learned how to start campfires by rubbing sticks together and a little imagination. Actually, none of that happened. Do we look like the outdoor and adventurous types? No, we make funny sweatpants and underwear all day. That's our job, and we don't need you to ask you if we're any good at it. We don't go to your homes and ask you if you know how to make toast. 

But, one doesn't need to visit a jungle to get to know 'The Banana Thief', crotchgear'snewest design! This distant relative of the mighty ape knows how to be just as sneaky as 'Pesky Squirrel', and he's after your bananas. He's so sneaky that he ran away with our original introduction price, and so for a limited time, you can have him stealing your bananas for only $24.99.

See 'The Banana Thief' HERE!

In other news, our August Giveaway is about to wrap up, but it isn't over just yet. Many of you have entered, yet only one of you can win, and that winner could come in the next few days. We will announce the winner of the August Giveaway on our Facebook page(and only our Facebook page) on September 1, so if you haven't yet, make sure you have liked our page and are accepting updates to your mini-feed from us so that you will know who won. 

And finally (and seemingly months later than we had originally planned), we are about to begin our crowd-sourcing campaign on indiegogo.com, early in September. When we roll that out, we will announce it on our Facebook page (another reason to make sure you like us). In exchange for raising funds, we will be giving away special perks such as the following:

  • any of our products which will come with free shipping and stickers. 
  • the ability to get 'crotch mega-packs'.
  • the ability to create a custom limited edition set of crotchgear sweatpants. 
  • we will cook you a steak and mail it to you (yumm).
  • we will fly you in from anywhere in the world on an all-expense paid trip to have a BBQ dinner with the two crotchgear co-founders in North Carolina. 

and more.... 

You wont want to miss when our indiegogo campaign goes live. The campaign will run for the full month of September, so be on the lookout! 

Well, that about does it. While you are on our Facebook page, write on our timeline and let us know what you think of 'The Banana Thief'. 


The crotchgear team


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