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We've Got A New Mobile Site!

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Howdy Do people,

We've got a new mobile site. A site mobile got we've new brand. However you take your English, check out crotchgear.com (especially if you're on your mobile device) and you will like what you see. Brand new interface for ease of use, which means less time using the zoom feature on your phone, and more time browsing the best 'humor below the belt' ever on your smartphone. 

Now, whether you have a genius phone or this phone, you wont want to miss our latest customer survey, where you have the power to tell us HOW YOU REALLY FEEL about our products (and suggest some ideas for our next product line, among other things ... should we do athletic shorts, yoga pants, or something else completely?). Not only that... we'll give you a coupon code that is worth $5 off your next order with us for completing it. The survey should take no more than five minutes to complete, and will help us tremendously on our next strategic moves. The more customers that take the survey, the more successful our future will be, so thanks so much for donating your time and thoughts to us (your thoughts + our survey = homework for us ... in other words, send us to school cuz we needz to lurn!)

Did somebody say survey?

Finally, just wanted to give a huge thank you to all of you that have already ordered or sent positive comments about our brand new product 'The Banana Thief'. It's kind of dark, but here is a photo of the first couple pairs that were ever made (and sold)! Thanks for the love!

Get yours today! Only $24.99 until October 1


The crotchgear team


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