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Two new designs arrive just in time for free shipping week!

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Hi Kids!!

So guess what... if you didn't already know, we are offering free shipping on all orders placed in the United States until Monday... but GUESS WHAT... we are kicking off free shipping weekend right by releasing two spanking new designs today (and one of them is our very first female-friendly sweatpant design). 

The first design to talk about is 'CROTCHVEGAS'. How many of you out there take constant trips there? Don't be shy. Well, now you can be proud of the village that happens to be situated East of your left leg and West of your right leg. 'CROTCHVEGAS' has overtaken Disney World as the happiest place on Earth, and it's highly important that people know how to get there if necessary (I think you catch our drift).


In addition, we have heard the requests from so many of our female fans about coming out with some female oriented designs. Well, consider it done. The first design is the very timely 'Twerk A Lot'. Miley has been running rampant with all of this twerking madness. Ladies (and gentlemen?), now is your chance to catch the twerk baton. Don't be the only one in the dorm not twerking in a pair of these bad girls. A point of caution though: our sweatpants are not flame-retardant, and should you catch on fire while twerking, we will not be held responsible.

'Twerk A Lot'


The crotchgear team

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