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We Just Keep Growing: Two More NEW Designs!

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What it is?!

The cat is out the bag! You like new designs. How did we know? You saw the subject line and decided to check out two new crotchgear designs that are hot off the press! We can't blame you. Comedy is our life, without which there would be no new designs. That would be worthy of a night terror, but don't dream, because the reality is we have just released our 17th and 18th sweatpant designs respectively!

Today, we announce our first ever holiday themed design, entitled 'Holiday Diet Pants'. With the holidays coming up, one thing is always certain: damn the diet, it's Christmas...or Thanksgiving, or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa. Hell, even Halloween is coming up, and that means left over candy that those kids didn't take. You weren't just going to throw all those Snickers bars away were you? So, in order to combat the holiday season bulge, put down that P90X, cancel your CrossFit membership, and grab some of our 'Holiday Diet Pants'. The weight loss goals can wait for your 2014 resolutions, so let's battle the turkey, dressing, and mashed potatoes head on and look cute doing it. 

Note: crotchgear is not responsible for weight issues or lifestyle choices caused by our clothing and/or marketing materials. We didn't invent the chicken, or the chicken sandwich, just the 'humor below the belt'. 

You may remember back in August that we unveiled the first design in our first ever series: 'Got Balls?'. It was our Football version, which can be found here. Well, as you may have already guessed, we have released the second installment in the series, appropriately titled 'Got Balls? - Basketball'. Basketball fans rejoice! You too, can now place your favorite sport balls on your crotch in preparation for the NBA tip off or the college Midnight Madness of your choice. No inflation necessary. Check 'Got Balls - Basketball' out here!

And before we go, check out this review Ed Tyll from the Ed Tyll Radio Show gave us over the weekend. Leave us a message and let us know if you agree or disagree. 

CGTYD (crotchgear 'til ya die)!

The crotchgear team


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