Our new holiday themed Nutcracker design is here! – crotchgear

Our new holiday themed Nutcracker design is here!

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Bonjour crotchaholics,

As we stand on the heels of Halloween, the folks here at crotchgear are yet again excited to debut another holiday design! Sorry though, no jack-o-lanterns near the crotch this year (although, that may be a good one for next year; we'll have to write that one down). In all honesty, nothing is better than a nutcracker soldier chomping on your chestnuts, so our new design 'The Nutcracker' does just that. It can be seen in full by clicking the teaser image below: 

It's important to note that we will be selling 'The Nutcracker' for only $24.99 this week only, so make sure to get in on the ground floor and make an extra big splash at the holiday parties and get-togethers this year. 

Also, many of you have participated in our Halloween game and have saved a lot of money on recent orders because of it. We are almost out of coupons, so we will extend gameplay to Monday, October 21. You can play right now as it is FREE to play and FREE to win. Quite a few CGNation members have saved $7 on their recent purchases, and you could possibly do the same. Click the image below to play while coupons last:

CGTYD (crotchgear 'til ya die)!

The crotchgear team


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