Liquidation time: see which 3 designs of ours are now selling for $14. – crotchgear

Liquidation time: see which 3 designs of ours are now selling for $14.99!

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Greetings to the Nation...the CGNation!

To make the information in 'Behind the Threads' easier to navigate, we're going to test out using some headlines. If you like them (or don't like them), reply and let us know. Well, without further delay...

Our Liquidation Sale

We're about to retire three classic sweatpants designs in the near future. Yes, the days for these designs are numbered, and we will no longer produce them after we sell out the current batch. But, the good news is that you can now purchase these for about what it costs us to make them (all three only $14.99 while supplies last)! We promise we're not idiots. We just want to make sure as many people have the ability to get these designs while we still have them. Here they are (click the links to see them):

  1. 'Got Bush?'
  2. 'Legendary Creme'
  3. 'What Are You Looking At?'

Tip: want to really rip us off? Couple this deal with one of our discounts and we end up LOSING money. Ouch! We promise we won't get (too) mad at that LOL. After all, Christmas is on its way and you may be strapped for cash, which brings us to our next point. 

New Holiday Shopping Information Guide Released

One of the main questions we get this time of year is whether or not an order will arrive in time for the holidays. The crew at crotchgear has put together a concise and informative Holiday Shopping Information Guide for the convenience of all of our customers, new and returning. 

One thing you will notice is the return of our Guaranteed Arrival system. At the time of this BTT, our United States customers have 50 days left to order their product and expect it in time for the holidays (even less time for our international customers). To see the guide and to have all your holiday questions answered, click this link. 

Halloween Game Coupons Expire November 1

As a reminder, if you played our Halloween Game this month, your coupon will expire at the end of this month. Just a friendly reminder to save while you still can. You're welcome. 

Riddle of the Week

"There is a clerk at the butcher shop. He is five feet, ten inches tall. He wears a size 11 sneaker. What does he weigh?" 

If you know the answer, leave it as a post on our Facebook page and we may send you a free pair of crotchgear

CGTYD (crotchgear 'til ya die)!

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