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we have awesome customers in all 50 states (and many countries)

 our customers all started with a need; a need to find the most hilarious sweatpants, athletic shorts, yoga pants, etc. either for themselves or for a significant other. we have sold our product in all 50 United States. we have also sold in countries like: Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Netherlands, and more...

and guess what?! our customers love us. we have nearly 300 reviews from real customers just like you. want to know what they think about us? Keep reading... 

so what makes crotchgear so unique and special?

let’s face it, funny t-shirts have lived since the age of the dinosaurs. while the t-shirt get’s all the comedic love from stores, bottomwear like sweatpants, underwear, yoga pants, etc. remain boring and typical. and that’s why crotchgear was born (yayyy!). 

crotchgear is ‘humor below the belt’. all of our designs are printed either directly on or around the crotch-region of our garments. never before, has society been gifted a way to express their crotch in public without fear of being slapped with an indecent exposure charge by the local police department. while we don't advocate nude crotches in public, wearing crotchgear allows any "ordinary joe" to have a crotch that is the "talk of the town".... the "cat's meow" what have you, albeit on bottomwear like sweatpants. 

we already know what you're thinking...

and you are right! crotchgear nation members are damn sexy. 
what makes them damn sexy, you may ask? 
30% of it comes from natural beauty ... and the other 70%? 

total crotch expression!

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have we mentioned yet that celebrities love us?


Ralphie May - Comedy Central's 'Last Comic Standing'

"I mentioned loving these cool squirrel grabbing at your nuts sweats a few weeks ago, and the rad ass people at crotchgear sent me a pair. Andy then stole them and wears them almost everywhere, including Target and to my mom’s house for Sunday Dinner. I’ve never been so proud."

“yeah, it’s a squirrel, but I still think it will plant something in the brains of those around you, and they too will be compelled to long for your ripe and delicious gonads. so, obviously, there’s no reason you shouldn’t get these sweatpants. comfort and action. be the man!”

it's time to meet the crotchgear co-founders...


Adam Peter Shinn

  Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina. 

  Zodiac Sign: Leo

  Height: 6' 1"

  Favorite Food: Indian

  Favorite Funny Movie: Billy Madison

  Favorite crotchgear Design: 'Dunk Contest Champ'





Adam has a Master of Business Administration degree from UNC Charlotte, but don't let his professional business education fool you. As a fan slap stick humor, Adam is basically a grown up kid at heart. Adam has a knack for product development and design and his role at crotchgear changes on a daily basis. If you've ever emailed us or chatted with us through our site, you've come in contact with Adam; he is a customer service specialist.  


Andrew Reep

  Hometown: Lincolnton, North Carolina. 

  Zodiac Sign: Leo

  Height: 6' 3"

  Favorite Food: NC Style Barbecue

  Favorite Funny Movie: Anchorman

  Favorite crotchgear Design: 'Heavy Lifting'





Andrew conjured up the concept for crotchgear while watching a 'Chappelle Show' skit and cross-linking it with Soffee cheerleading shorts. The rest, as they say, is history. Andrew attended NC State University and has a background in Engineering. His engineering skills have helped us pioneer as well as improve our shipping processes. Andrew also handles a lot of support activities that take place "behind the scenes" such as social media engagement. 

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