crotchgear MEGAPACK Giveaway

Thanks for participating in the crotchgear MEGAPACK giveaway.

 Your THREE free pairs of crotchgear sweatpants are just a few actions away.


Please follow these instructions:

1. Please record a 30-60 second long video testimonial for crotchgear and upload the RAW and unedited video to the form below. Record with the highest quality that your phone or video camera will allow and make sure only audio from your voice is being captured (please turn off TVs or any other noise making devices around you). Tip: It may help to rehearse your testimonial a couple of times before recording. 

2. You do NOT need to wear crotchgear clothing in the video, but it is optional and preferred. Another good option is holding one of our products in front of you as you talk about it.  

3. Please cover some or all of these topics in your video testimonial:

A. Why you like our company.
B. Why you like the products you've purchased (e.x. self-expression, making others laugh, comfort, uniqueness, etc.).
C. Why our company's products are worth buying (or why they're a better choice than other products out there).

4. Once steps 1-3 are completed and we verify that your video meets the stated criteria, we will email you the instructions to claim your THREE free pairs of crotchgear sweatpants!  

5. This promotion is limited to the first 25 participants who submit or July 1, 2015, whichever occurs first. Please record and submit your testimonial before it is too late. 

By participating in this promotion, you are allowing crotchgear to use your media to educate current and future customers on our products. You give crotchgear consent to showcase your media property in any and all future promotional activities. 

Sorry, all spots filled.