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I'm interested, but I'm also a broke college student. Does crotchgear ever host any sales or toss out discounts?
A: Would it be dangerous to use nunchucks to destroy a piñata full of explosives?

I'm not from the United States. Does crotchgear ship to my country?
A: More than likely, yes! To test, just checkout with any product and enter in your shipping address. If for some reason we do not ship to your country, you will find out before you pay for the order.

How should I decide what size garment to order?
A: This should help. 

Why does crotchgear not offer a small size in product lines for men?
A: There are a few reasons why. One: there simply is not much interest for these sizes. Two: when we offered these sizes in the past, the small sized products often were exchanged since our garments run a little small in general. Three: a medium will usually fit someone who needs a small size simply due to the waistband included in our products for men. If small is a size you need, don't fret; double check with our sizing charts and try a medium size knowing that the waistband is adaptable to a smaller size.

How much will shipping cost?
A: Depending on the final weight of the order, shipping charges for all USA orders under $100 range from $5 to $13. All USA orders $100 and greater receive automatic FREE shipping. It goes without saying that we never "pad shipping costs" and only charge the customer what it costs us to ship. If you have more detailed questions regarding shipping costs for our products, please contact us.

How long will it take to get my gear?
A: Please allow/expect your order to arrive 10-14 business days from the time you place your order (chances are it will arrive sooner). Add at least one week to this for all international orders to account for customs. Also, we ship packages through the US Postal Service which will generate tracking information. You may use this information to locate your order mid-route. If several days pass after you order and you don't receive this notification, your order has most likely not yet shipped. 

I NEED my product sooner than 10-14 business days. Can you overnight ship it?
A: Here is our fair warning: because of our current production process, we cannot expedite overnight shipping on any orders; therefore, make sure you do not wait a few days before any major holiday or event to order from us. We will also post deadlines and other info regarding holiday orders throughout our site and mailing list emails. At crotchgear, we always try our best to accommodate as many customers as possible even during the extra tough holiday seasons. It is our goal to one day add an overnight shipping option, but it just is not feasible for our company to do this at our current size and volume. Thanks for understanding.

I have a discount code to use and I can't find where to put it.
A: Our discount codes are always entered on the last screen of our checkout process. If you have not seen the page, keep going. If for some reason you place an order and miss the discount code box, we will enter the requested coupon manually as long as you notify us within an hour of ordering. Just contact us and we can take care of that.

I live outside of the United States and noticed that shipping charges to my country seem a bit high. Why so?
A: We hear you loud and clear! Anything above $15 seems to be a bit outrageous for shipping funny clothing across the border. However, we never, and we repeat NEVER, make any profit off of our shipping charges. The shipping costs you pay are exactly what USPS charges us to ship our product to you. On the bright side, we occasionally host sales and deals for our international friends; Canadian Appreciation Day is a prime example. Connect with us on social media and join our mailing list if you would like to learn more.

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