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I have a random question...

When was the last time you guys went to Disney World?
A: Some time ago. Although one of our founders went back in 2006. Thanks for asking!

My friend told me that you guys have a really entertaining newsletter. How can I view it or join it?
A: Tell your friend we said that's what's up! We really work hard to make our 'Behind the Threads' newsletter as interesting and as funny as possible (think about how bored you get when your mom insists on telling you how she makes her special pot roast -- we don't want to fall in the same camp). We always post our BTT newsletter on our crotchblog™ so check it out there; if you like what you see and would like to have BTT sent straight to your email, you can sign up for our mailing list here.

What should I do if I have an idea for a crotchgear design?
A: We are very interested in your ideas and designs! If you have a sweet crotchgear design in mind that you think would make a great addition to our brand, feel free to share it with us. If we decide to market your design, we'll send you free store credit! The more designs you submit, the more likely we'll select one of your designs. If you only have an idea for a design, that's cool too! Send us the design idea and if we end up turning it into a product, we'll give you an ultra cool shout out.

You guys are so cool that it inspired me to start my own business. I was wondering if I could borrow some of your design ideas to get a "head start" on the success track?
A: First off, congrats on starting your new business, buddy! Glad we could inspire you. With that said, PLEASE, don't even THINK about copying one of our designs for use in your shop without the express permission of crotchgear. Honestly, permission will not come easy from us and we will deny roughly 99.9% of requests to use or closely imitate any of our designs. All of our designs are protected by copyright before we even put them up for sale and we have great legal representation, so trying us won't be wise!  Side Note: for all of our "Sherlock Holmes" out there, if you happen to notice any products out on the streets or internet that closely resemble our products (in design) and you are the first to notify us about it, we will take up to $10 off your next order. Send all links and necessary information about the perpetrators to us here and "help us take a bite outta crime," GRUFFF!

I have a pair of some ::insert clothing of choice:: here at the crib. Could you just send me one of the designs so I could stick it on my own pair?
A: Negative. Here at crotchgear, we take 100% responsibility for the quality and reputation of our brand and brand equity. Hypothetically, if we were to mail you one of our designs, you could take it and literally put it anywhere you wanted to, and honestly...that's a scary thought. 

Can I get sponsored by crotchgear or partner with crotchgear?
A: Yes! Here at crotchgear, we are always looking to expand upon our ideas and reach new markets. If you have an idea for a partnership or a way for us to sponsor you, please contact us with your ideas!

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