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Thanks for checking out the crotchgear Holiday Shopping Information Guide. This guide should answer any and all questions that relate specifically to crotchgear holiday orders. If you have more basic questions about our products or company, please refer to our main FAQ. If neither this guide nor our FAQ answers your questions, please contact us.


Guaranteed Arrival Cut Off Dates:

All United States customers should order on or before December 4, 2015. 

All International (Non-US) customers should order on or before November 30, 2015. 


Our Guaranteed Arrival Program:

We have specific cut off dates for guaranteed arrival before the holidays. Ordering on or before your guaranteed arrival cut off date means a guarantee that your order will arrive on or before December, 24. If you order within our guaranteed arrival period, we will try our best to get your order to you in a reasonable amount of time and definitely before December, 25; however, if you order during our guaranteed arrival period and receive your order as late as December, 24, please understand that this is still within our guaranteed arrival policy. As a rule of thumb, please order earlier in the season (that is, October and November) to allow time to correct any potential issues.


Please understand why we have cut off dates: 

  • We may have a jump in sales of 1,000% or more at anytime during the season, causing unexpected backorders and order processing delays. 
  • USPS, our shipping counterpart, may experience unexpected delays of their own or weather delays.
  • Since we do not offer overnight shipping (see below), it is unrealistic to make an order on December, 22 and expect it to arrive one or two days later. 
  • Ultimately, it's a liability protection for us. Even has cut off dates. 


Now, time for your questions...


So when you say cut off, does that mean my order will be ignored and canceled if I don't order before the cut off?

A: Nope, that is not at all what we're saying. If you order from us any day during the year, trust us, YOU WILL get your order. All this means is that we will not be held liable if your order makes it to its shipping destination after December, 24. And please understand this: just because a customer orders after our guaranteed arrival period does not mean that we won't "bust our tail" trying to get their order to them before December, 25.  


I notice you offer an expected delivery time of 10-14 business days on all orders, but I NEED my product sooner. Can you overnight ship it? 

A: Here is our fair warning: we cannot expedite overnight shipping on any orders. Our guaranteed arrival cut off dates are listed above, so please make sure you acknowledge them before ordering from us this holiday season. We will also post these dates throughout our site. At crotchgear, we always try our best to accommodate as many customers as possible even during the extra tough holiday seasons. One day, we may add an overnight shipping option, but it just is not feasible for our company to do this at our current size and volume. Thanks for understanding.


I'm looking to get my Christmas shopping done early and the person/people receiving the product will likely receive them outside of the 30 day return/exchange policy. What should I do if I order them a size that does not fit?  

A: Point noted! Our response: if you order anytime from us in the November or December months, we'll extend the returns/exchanges deadline to you through January 30th (to not only give you time to buy gifts early, but also to get them back from friends/family). This is a conditional amendment to our typical return/exchange policy.  Make sure to read, understand, and agree to our return/exchange policies before ordering.


If I order during the guaranteed arrival period and the order arrives after December, 24, what then?  

A: If for some reason things go wrong and you do not receive your order in time, please contact us and write us a brief and polite explanation that your package did not arrive in time. Please copy and paste the tracking number that was emailed to you after your order shipped. Please also include your order number for reference. If your tracking information proves that your order did not arrive at your shipping address on or before December, 24, we will issue you a $5 refund on your purchase (minus shipping costs). Our goal is for this to not happen to anyone, but hey, it's a guarantee for a reason!


We hope you found our Holiday Shopping Information Guide to be comprehensive and helpful! Happy shopping! 


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