Return & Exchange – crotchgear

I ordered 'medium rare'. This steak is clearly 'well done'. 


If you need to return or exchange your most recent crotchgear purchase, you have come to the right place! 


First things first. If you are disputing an issue with your order because it appears we have made a mistake (e.g. us sending the wrong size, us sending the wrong product, visible wear and tear on the product, etc.) please disregard the following information and contact us here with "defective / wrong product" being the reason for contact. If a defect is noticeable, please take a photo and attach it to the message for faster communication. 

For everyone else, how may we help you? 

  • I would like to EXCHANGE my recent order of crotchgear sweatpants.

  • I would like to RETURN my recent order of crotchgear sweatpants.